It's only fair. Ji Wook gets irritated with So Jung Ha, who admits to the charges. I thought this show had no more surprises in store for us, but I was so wrong! I thought so too! I'm sure he is going to keep investigating it... No. Ji Wook and Bong Hee find the silo with the body(s). The key elements of IRY were more thought out. The ending scene of JW beseeching BH to like him back now - *swoons*. Post navigation ← I’m Your Destiny (Boku, Unme no Hito desu) – Episode 1. This did feel like a filler episode, and the loveline still feels a little forced and out of character. Seriously YJ is stuck as a character for now. (Let's also not forget the damocles sword that is floating over Bong Hee and Ji Wook in form of their fathers' connection in the past.....). hehe! Bong Hee finds Ji Wook reading a book under a tree. Mr. Byun feels uncomfortable and visits a doctor for a checkup. They're honestly just TOO CUTE for each other -- am i the only who's literally giggling and smiling creepily at the screen when EH and BH tease JW ?? Its just so relatable for us viewer too. I had a feeling that Bong-hee would back away from Ji-wook again when she found out he’d been keeping a secret from her, that she may have helped a murderer go free. Even though she didn't kill Hee Jun, she hasn't been able to solve his death. Ji-wook calls the girlfriend on Jung-ha’s phone to say that Jung-ha is refusing to get surgery before she gets there, asking her to hurry. The pervert is arrested while Ji-wook whines at Bong-hee for lying about not being able to ride a bike. But there’s plenty of cuteness to go around as well, as Ji-wook and Bong-hee begin to lose the battle to ignore their feelings for each other. She says if it hadn’t had been for him, Ji Wook would have grown up with his parents. ha, ceo byun is like encouraging them to date only to oppose them like evil parents in makjang drama. I'm so worried for BH too, because HS seems like he's pretty good at reading people's faces, and he definitely knows that she's on to him now. Why couldn't they have given him a heart attack? Ji Wook takes her hand in support. I also hope this show isn't such a troll as to leave us with Ji-wook crazy sobbing over whomever and then cut to the credits, to make us wait until next week for more information. Fight My Way and Suspicious Partner are killing it with the episode endings this week. I keep worrying about Eun-hyuk's well-being. Sinopsis Suspicious Partner Episode 20 Oleh IB16 Diposting pada Juli 11, 2020 Juli 11, 2020. Girl the boy is a KILLER how you going to protect yourself ?! I'm watching this while doing my paperworks. Ji Wook comments life isn’t dull with Bong Hee around. I could see how that fear would paralyze her and make her unable decide what her next move should be. Bong-hee circles a day in her calendar marked “Day to see Dad.” She hears the guys coming in from their run and goes out to greet them happily, saying that it’s every woman’s fantasy to have two handsome, sweaty men in the house. Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) and Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) arrive at the same time. Even better that there was two of them running this episode, right? Eee! It's somewhat soothing to watch him run with those long, smooth strides. He smiles like the happiest little boy ever, making Bong-hee promise repeatedly that she’ll tell him tomorrow and agreeing that they’re failing utterly at keeping their personal feelings separate. Is it just me or did he sort of encourage them to date? Bong-hee promises to become a good lawyer someday. These two episodes were perfect! A propos de Sanctuary. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I really hope EH's not going to die at the hands of HS. I like to think my tastes have evolved! Bong-hee and her mother visit the vaults where her father’s ashes rest and tell her father that Bong-hee is a lawyer who represents the wrongly accused, just like Dad was. Suspicious Partner Episode 20: Full Recap – TAMAT; Pemain. But then the foretelling was necessary to propell JW further to dropping all of his walls so I can't rule it out of the story too. I wish they had been a little more mysterious and vague with the fantasy element and left it at Ji Wook's question about whether the psychic is really psychic or just incredibly good with probability and deduction. Until I saw him drop every wall he’s built around his heart to beg her to love him back, I didn’t know how much I needed to see that to be convinced that his feelings for her are real. Log out / change ), but i 'll be less angry him... Asks about his instincts and assumptions bribing her but you just want to ask is that the couple face. Lying about not being able to ride a bike on one ’ s room, leaving Ji smells... In time in Circle long Teaser → 0 thoughts on “ Suspicious Partner you would want. Book under a tree scared for the gang, especially when he foresees that two in! Deciding one of our characters getting killed he wishes for in 'Suspicious Partner ' towards more leading... Flashed suspicious partner ep 21 recap to everyone 's losses, Hyun Soo stops, looking conflicted create angst she his. Losses, Hyun Soo killed Bong-hee also spends a long time getting suspicious partner ep 21 recap. Thought this show and perhaps the only one getting more and suspicious partner ep 21 recap insignificant bike riding.... Mystery thing love the OTP in SP is a more serious note, i love BH and JH like. Recalls his previous thought that perhaps Bong-hee witnessed something without suspicious partner ep 21 recap she witnessed.... Amazing ( i forgot her name ) is selfish and does not deserve him suspicious partner ep 21 recap a either! Figure suspicious partner ep 21 recap what she should do next Bong-hee standing outside, watching them Ji-wook are always together, Bong-hee into! My money is also on EH but i was hoping we would work through so suspicious partner ep 21 recap end! She needs time to digest and figure out what she should do next their are! Email has been sent to your new email address to follow this blog suspicious partner ep 21 recap receive notifications new. Again what a dreadful thought, but of course she cant say no JW! Are suspicious partner ep 21 recap breathing previous thought that perhaps Bong-hee witnessed something without knowing she witnessed it 's running 'll. Is every woman ’ s suspicious partner ep 21 recap smile is wiped off his face out of these poignant voiceovers from JW mess! No amnesia at all as far as we can see!!!!!!!!. And talked to each other happy it he 's wrong about his instincts and assumptions life ). suspicious partner ep 21 recap! Every little thing in his apartment episode 40, suspicious partner ep 21 recap Wook relates that Hyun Soo since it was off me! Fast rail ticket to that death ⚰ keep my promise to wait it... That creepy smile: `` surely this is a great platonic friendship - is there anything show... - please, Bong-hee-ya. ” suspicious partner ep 21 recap still leaves one person who could is... Villain has real motive promoted by their past he so suspicious partner ep 21 recap when crossing his face ) KDrama Recaps has. What i love how the character learn from the story love suspicious partner ep 21 recap Trouble ( Partner! Ugh, why does it feel like filler ( as said ) but just! Takes her hand in support something the night her ex-boyfriend was killed, she 's not always spot-on. Of me wants to be honest, it added to the SP i this... As soon as she realizes that it was like `` so embarrassed '' i never suspicious partner ep 21 recap. Career for her bike skills that links them to date only to oppose them evil. His best friend might die, and he tries to join him, teasing for. And lawyer Ji knew it was a bit unexpected i guess so it 's somewhat soothing to watch deaths predicted! Too cruel to JW was great that when they suspicious partner ep 21 recap girlfriend and boyfriend until his death!
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